The STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE is our Africa base of operation, being located in Larteh, Ghana. The STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE is a modern two-story structure that has a large community room that serves as the setting for vital cultural exchange between individuals tour group members and indigenous African community members—including Chiefs, Shamans, Elders, School Headmasters/teachers, politicians, and other locals. It is a stop on all of our tours. It provides an intimate setting for dialogue and sharing about possibilities for becoming more involved in projects to foster health, education, and economic development, or even for discussions about accessing local land, and building in the local region.

It is also known as the STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE HIV/AIDS Peer Education Training Center—a purpose for which it was originally built. In January 2006, it was unveiled as such when it became the site of the first HIV/AIDS Peer Education Training Program held there.

If you want to support our work developing the STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE or training HIV/AIDS peer educators in Africa, you can make donations to this project. Or, contact us to learn more about the STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE.