The Larteh Schools Project is the outgrowth of a formal needs assessment conducted to ascertain the needs and problems of the 13 schools in the rural mountainous region of Larteh, Ghana-located 35 minutes from Accra, Ghana. The needs of schools include everything from access to electricity, toilets, to books, learning aids, and computers. In 2002 we began to educate the general public in the USA about the needs of the Larteh schools, collecting donations. The Larteh Schools Project has been very successful in allowing us to collect funds. The Larteh Schools Task Force is composed of local teachers, Headmasters, and Community Leaders; they decided how to prioritize the many needs identified. As a result of their deliberations, the funds raised have been used thus far to accomplish the following: totally renovate one primary school; and, help build a new kindergarten school; bring electricity to two schools.

Annual Donations from The Germantown Friends School

Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Karen Rutledge and the Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, her kindergarten class, their fifth grade buddies, and increasingly other classes have contributed donations. Over Spring break the children perform chores and earn money that goes toward the Larteh Schools Project; this project has allowed us to deliver donations across four years that have included books, educational toys, learning aids, art supplies, sports equipment, musical equipment, and funds for scholarships.

We are seeking to continue and considerably expand the Larteh Schools project. Our goal is to raise $250,000 in order to meet all of the needs we identified. You can make donations to this project.