Festivals provide for spiritual and social renewal. StarSpirit hosts an annual Cultural Weekend, exposing community members to a festival event. For example, in Ghana, there is an annual Odwira Festival which is a New Year's celebration-typically held in what we consider early fall of each year. Our annual festival has been a cultural weekend that has some standard components each year, as well as some novel parts, allowing us to change and transform ourselves year after year. The event has featured a Salute to the Ancestors, Traditional African Rulers (Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Akomfo), and an African Village featuring vendors. Children's activities have been included, such as face painting, prizes, and games. The weekend also typically includes a live concert, featuring local and/or international artists. In addition, has also been an awards ceremony for drummers, honoring their contributions to the cultural community. There has also been a dinner with dancing that is also a fundraiser for our projects. We also partner with organizations, and allow our mutual creativity to determine the best manner in which to hold the annual festival-changing the components to some degree each year. For more information, please contact us, or check our calendar. You can also make donations to this project.