With regard to leadership development, StarSpirit International, Inc. seeks to empower men, women, and youth in the United States through its many cultural and educational programs open to the general public. Empowered men, women and youth can engage in a process of self-determination whereby decisions are made that benefit the health and development of themselves, their families, and communities. StarSpirit International Inc. programs for men, women, and youth foster exposure to the kind of holistic health education, counseling, and cultural programs that are vital preparation for leadership roles in the community.

This leadership development also includes African Americans growing so that they emerge committed to educating others with regard to all that they have learned through StarSpirit International educational and cultural programs and tours-as "each one can teach one."

Once individuals make the shift in consciousness to view the dispersed Africans scattered across the Diaspora as one unified family-Biakoye-then they are ready to also understand the following: those living away from Africa have important roles to play within the African family. This includes roles of leadership. This leadership includes the roles of Traditional African Rulers (Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Okomfo/Shamans) and Elders, for example. These are leadership roles of vital importance. Those in the leadership positions of African Traditional Rulers and Elders also have the responsibility of not only valuing, but also actively seeking to preserve centuries old, authentic African traditional cultural practices.

Leadership Training For Adults/Elders

StarSpirit International, Inc. is able to provides access to vital training and preparation for adults who are ready to begin the process of becoming leaders. The process of becoming an African Traditional Ruler is called "enstoolment." There are ancient rites for not only those entooled as African Traditional Rulers (i.e. Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Akomfo/Shamans), but also for those adults and senior citizens ready to be elevated to the status of Elders. StarSpirit International, Inc. has a record of great success in providing potential leaders with access to the grooming, preparation, systematic training, and ancient traditional rites that African Traditional Rulers and Elders need to attain legitimacy and effectively serve members of the African family in the United States, those scattered across the Diaspora, as well as those in Ghana, Africa. We highly value Elders and African Traditional Rulers and welcome them to join The StarSpirit Family of Elders and African Traditional Rulers.

Support Our Leadership Development Program

If you want to support our work developing leaders who are HIV/AIDS peer educators in the United States, you can make donations to this project. Also, contact us if you are interested in any of our leadership development programs.

Leadership Development for Youth and Adults to Prevent HIV/AIDS

We also provide leadership development that prepares youth and adults to serve as peer educators for HIV/AIDS prevention. Learn more about our HIV/AIDS-USA work.