StarSpirit International Inc. enjoys the status of being an official public charity. In addition, donations to us are tax deductible, allowing others to make donations that we utilize to improve the plight of those in need. We encourage the making of donations to support our work. The more we receive, then the more we are able to do for and give to those in need.

Opportunities to Participate in Philanthropy

Participation in philanthropy and volunteer activities is highly meaningful and of vital importance in fostering a sense of unity, or Biakoye. Members of the African family here in the United States are in a position to engage in philanthropy, volunteer work, and community service that may benefit their African family members in Africa. Such philanthropy can enrich the lives of varied community members among the general public in America-ranging from young children, to youth, adults, and senior citizens. Seniors, community Elders, and adults have powerful connections, wisdom, and resources to share. Philanthropic activities and community service that includes gathering donations or fundraising is also of great value for youth-as they learn early in life about those living with much less opportunity than them on a distant continent. Indeed, for all diverse individuals covering all demographic categories, engagement in philanthropic activity involving Africa is deeply fulfilling in an era of globalization when awareness of the needs of those living on distant lands can become readily known, creating opportunities for timely responses through giving. For African Americans, philanthropy takes on the added meaning of providing a practical and much needed connection with family members in Africa, as an active role is taken in fostering health, education, and global economic development in Africa.

Our Philanthropic Focus in Africa

We have a special focus on fostering health, education, and economic development in Ghana. This can be seen in StarSpirit International Inc.'s many international projects in Ghana, Africa. This is practically facilitated by our having a base of operation in Ghana (The STARSPIRIT LIGHTHOUSE) and a Chief Creative Officer who lived for 7 years among the indigenous people of a rural mountainous region-Larteh-Kubease, Ghana.

To Get Involved in Philanthropy

Contact us if you are interested in a specific philanthropic activity, or to make donations to any of the following programs: