All StarSpirit International, Inc. activities fall under the theme of "Biakoye," or "unity"-serving to unify members of the different communities here in the United States and across the Diaspora who were dispersed and divided as a result of the legacy of enslavement; dispersed and divided factions of the African family are effectively brought back together on "this side" of the Atlantic ocean.

Biakoye is also the name of the quarterly newsletter widely distributed by StarSpirit International, Inc. through an initiative called StarSpirit Press. The fostering of Biakoye, or unity, also constitutes vital preparation for reconnection with indigenous African family who are on the "other side" of the Atlantic ocean in Africa. You may view back-issues of the Biakoye Newsletter, or become a subscriber, receiving the timely release of new editions of the newsletter through StarSpirit Press.

As a result of either participation in StarSpirit International, Inc. activities or exposure to our media/newsletters, ideally, individuals emerge with: 1) an interest in learning more about the contributions that were made by African Americans in their own community, specifically, learning about their own heritage; 2) an interest in connecting with African family members through fundraising projects and the sending of vitally needed resources to Africa; and/or, 3) a desire to reunite with their African family members in Africa and undergo a powerful coming home reunion experience through a guided tour/travel. All of these actions reflect the value promoted of Biakoye, or unity.

We also sponsor many projects that foster a new sense of unity, or Biakoye, among African Americans in the United States, indigenous Africans in Africa, and those dispersed across the Diaspora.