StarSpirit International, Inc. provides holistic health education, cultural programs, and counseling for African Americans who live in the United States. This vital exposure to holistic health education, cultural programs, and counseling meets the needs of diverse individuals. Some of our activities allow members of the general public to learn more about their African heritage and history, and benefit from exposure to authentic traditional African culture, music, and dance. StarSpirit International, Inc. sponsors a range of activities that serve this purpose. These activities range from sponsoring concerts, annual cultural events, conferences, workshops, seminars, and opportunities to receive education and counseling, to widely distributed media (i.e. newsletters, brochures, books, CDs, DVDs through StarSpirit Press).

All activities and media serve the following purposes: raising consciousness and expanding awareness through holistic health education; healing wounds to identity from centuries of enslavement, oppression, and racism; and, connecting individuals to their own authentic traditional African culture in such a way that motivation is enhanced to learn and do much more.

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