The StarSpirit International, Inc. Call for Action to Stop Hate and Violence

I AM standing as ONE with ALL oppressed people, taking action to end SUICIDE, HOMICIDE, AND GENOCIDE in the WAR against humanity.

I AM rejecting all programming and brainwashing for the domination of one group over others, one race over others, one color over others, one culture over others, one nation over others, one religion over others, one individual over another.

I AM rejecting all plots to destroy UNITY and bring about separation, division, chaos, confusion, jealousy, hate, and violence in the human family.

If you condemn or try to oppress me as a member of any one group, I must correct you for having a narrow and small vision of who I AM; for, I AM standing as ONE with ALL oppressed people.

If you want me to hate or commit violence against the members of any group, I cannot; for, I AM RESPECT for ALL, calling for action to stop hate and violence!